Increase your online presence
and manage your business effectively
New format
Service benefits
Venues management in one account
An effective and simple method for managing all objects. Structure the information and present the most suitable spaces
Our service works 24/7
Access to the service is round-the-clock, you will not miss any application. Spaces rent in different parts of the world without taking into account time zones
Routine processes automation
All information about spaces, distribution channels, venues management settings in one office, accessible to all managers
Offer personalization
Requests overview
Intuitive process
Customized interface
Offer your services and rent out the venues to clients.

Do not waste time on negotiations and meetings, get reservations and requests directly on your website by adding our form:
Internet Booking Engine
Control and manage your sales channels in one place by connecting to our service via API integration and increase your online presence with new ones:
Filling out a profile in different languages
Prices optimization
Adding and removing venues
A one-time update across all channels will increase the number of bookings and save time on managing multiple networks
Scale your business, manage sales channels and convert your website visitors into users
Management tools
Using the control panel, you can check the workload, booking dates and duration of events at all venues you have registered. Optimize your workflow:
All information in one place
Unified calendar for all spaces, workload and other data
Personal account
Creating user accounts with different access levels
Safely store and organize your clients' data using CRM system
income planning and pricing optimization
monitoring the sales dynamics to achieve your goals
getting reports tailored to the needs and economy
Increase your business efficiency in event management area. Track the demand for registered venues using built-in analytics:
Present to clients your venues and opportunities