Internet Booking Engine
works for you 24/7, carrying out searching and booking, instant applications receipt
Tool description
Digital business processes
All processes in one place with organized and instantly updated data of your venues and services:
Offers personalization
Customization allows you to make individual conditions for clients and get additional income by adding different options
This block displays the employment calendar for all venues and with details for each, and also gives easy access to all active spaces
Adding new venues and updating current ones, rental offers, document management system and additional services management
Customized interface
Adapt our service form to your corporate style and convert website visitors into clients
Set up your account, connect Meetingline to your website, and you are ready to sell online:
Direct sales tool
Intuitive process
Translate your offer into several languages and allow clients to book easily and quickly
Online payments processing
Connect to the most popular payment systems and receive online payments
Requests overview
Control incoming requests and rent out your venues instantly
Meetingline service
Other tools
Management tools
Reports, sales dynamics monitoring, pricing formation
Workflow optimization and document management automation
Direct control and sales channel management in one place